NIC – Government Informatics

In order to explore and exploit the vast opportunities offered by information technology, which will improve and  accelerate the planning process and implementation of socio-economic programs for all round development growth of the nation, National Informatics Centre (NIC), was setup in 1997 by Govt. of India. It is the NODAL organization of Govt. Of India to introduce computer based MIS, file less–office concept, electronic mail services and telemetric services in the Central, state and district Govt. Depts. It is to play a Promotional role in creating appropriate computer based information system to central and state Govt. depts. And district administration to support decision-making. It has setup satellite based computer-communication network (NICNET) covering all districts, state capital and the center. This is facilitating the development of district information system at District level and essential database for state and central govt. depts.

The Head Quarter of NIC is at A-Block, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003. It has four regional offices one each at Delhi, Pune, Bhubaneswar and Ahamadabad. It has a state unit at all the states and Union territories Head quarters. Also, NIC district units exist at all the districts of India. It has a total work force of around 3000 trend professionals.

Role of NIC

NIC is premier Govt. Organization under   aegis of Ministry of Information Technology and is forerunner and one of the leading players in the IT revolution swamping the country. It has been providing Internet related services to Govt. Organizations, Public sector units and other Autonomous bodies.

NIC has established various national information technology promotion units (NITPU) in 22 major cities of country and intense to provide Internet and value-added services to exporter based therein. The services being provided by NIC are listed below.

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Video Conferencing

  • Remote Data base access

  • Web authoring and hosting

  • Electronic data Interchange

NICNET - NIC Network

NICNET is a VSAT based computer communication network of NIC. NICNET has been operational since 1997. It links all the district head quarters, State/Union Territory Capitals and National Capital. It is the largest network of India.

NICNET operates at low speed using a C-band transponder in INSAT-1D with a master earth station (HUB) at Delhi, and more than 750 micro earth stations (Very Small Aperture Terminals –VSATs) connected to two computers. It is based on the spread spectrum multiple access (SSMA) and code division multiple access (CDMA) technology operating in the C-Band.

National Info Highway – NIC has established a powerful information highway as an overlay network over the existing SSMA/CDMA – based NICNET. It connects and provides services to more than 70 cities in the country. It supports high-speed Communication at 64 Kbps through SCPC data pipes, at each of the remote sites.

Connectivity And Access –NICNET has been connected to internet, through the gateway packet switching system (GPSS) of Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (VSNL) at Bombay. Local access is being provided through VSAT, Dial up lines, Leased lines and ISDN available from DOT/MTNL.

FTDMA - The FTDMA VSAT system is a private communication network designed for bi-direction traffic that includes interactive transaction, batch file transfers, data broadcast and voice communication. The FTDMA features a unique and patented two dimensional satellite access scheme, which combines the TDMA slotted ALOHA and FDMA techniques.

It consists of the following components.

·        A master earth station and control facility of HUB.

·        A number of VSATs located at the customers’ remote site.

·        KUBAND satellite channels that provides the transmission medium interconnecting the HUB and the VSATs.

IP Advantage

The IP advantage VSAT comprises of ISBN (Integrated Satellite Business Network), and DirectPC. ISBN is a two-way transmission system for data traffic between HUB and many remote locations or personal earth stations (PES). All ISBN traffic is carried digitally between the HUB and remote PES via one or more transponders aboard a Geo-Stationary Satellite.

The IP advantage Network supports multiple outbound (512 Kbps) and multiple inbound (64 Kbps). The Modular HUB design allows each customer’s Network to be sized cost-effectively to meet the existing and future needs.

NIC BSU, Patna

NIC Bihar State Unit, Patna is established in 1998 as a part of expansion program of NIC to help the state Govt. as well as the Central Govt. Soon after that 40 NIC district units are created at various districts Head Quarters of the state.

The aim of NIC (BSU), Patna is to support computerization programme of various Govt. Depts. as well as District Administration and to provide the Informatics needs to the people of Bihar. NIC (BSU), Patna has various developmental divisions/groups to fulfill the specific needs. Training division is one of them. It has implemented successfully various computer projects in the state Bihar.

There is information technology Promotional Unit (NITPU) for promoting informatics culture in the backward states. It provides the following services to the people of Bihar.

  • Internet services and Browsing
  • E-mail Services
  • Network Setup
  • Video Conferencing
  • IT awareness
NIC Purnea District Unit

The Office NIC was started to function on 1st May 1989, under the Guidance of Sri Roshan Lal DIO (Incharge). A separate office of NIC was constructed & inaugurated on 28th December 2001. NIC Purnea has played pivotal role in Computerization of District Treasury and the Office of Commercial Taxes at Purnea. 

NIC is actively assisting in computerization of Land Records and BPL Survey Data-Entry. This web site is being launched on account of active participation of NIC with District administration, Purnea.